TAITO Magazine




Open the TAITO Magazine pages to discover the fascinating world of handicraft!

TAITO is the current magazine and pattern magazine in the crafts and art industry and also a special interest magazine featuring current events and interesting articles. A major part of the magazine’s content is devoted to enhancing the value of Finnish handicraft tradition. We tell about forgotten and rediscovered materials and ways of working. Each issue also features a Finnish handicraft collection.

The magazine provides you information and skills not found in other magazines. Six colourful issues a year.


Appearing six times a year, TAITO is produced at the Finnish Crafts Organization’s premises in Kalevankatu in Helsinki.

In addition to her own job as the Finnish Crafts Organization’s CIO, Minna Hyytiäinen is also editor-in-chief of the TAITO magazine. Producer Jonna Hietala heads the actual editorial work.