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The Joy of Creation collection

Crafts and design meet in our modern products for the home

Regional crafts associations produce a range of crafts courses that are constantly renewed to provide fresh and interesting ideas and course content. Every year, Taito Group publishes new patterns for the Joy of Creation courses, designed by top professionals in the crafts and design field. The idea behind the Joy of Creation collection is that professional designers have created a high-quality idea that the realizer can then adapt, for example, by choosing their own colours to suit their home. This way everyone has the opportunity to create their own design product!

The Joy of Creation collection includes a huge range of products for the home and, when combined, the products turn into ensembles whose parts complement each other, such as a rug, wall hanging and lampshade. The courses offer tuition and materials for completing the ensemble. Some of the products are also sold as do-it-yourself material packages, which allow you to make them in the comfort of your own home.

Every year, new courses are added to the Joy of Creation collection. The supply of courses provided by regional crafts associations varies. Many designs are so popular that they remain in the collection for several terms and older ones can always be reintroduced if there is enough interest. We are happy to hear customers’ wishes too. If there is a pattern that interests you and it is not included in this autumn’s course programme, please talk to us about it and we may be able to offer it next spring. Come and have fun at our courses and get excited about new ideas and patterns!

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Ask for our course programme from your local Taito crafts association.

Design STUDIO smoo, Marianne Huotari

Design Tiia Eronen

Design Katriina Nuutinen

Joy of Creation Collection 2015-2017, designers Elina Helenius ja Saara Renvall: