The Finnish Crafts Organization Taito awards medals for significant work in promoting crafts and design.

Medal for Merit

The Medal for Merit has been awarded since 1938. It was designed by architect Yrjö Laine-Juva and is presented in both silver and gold. The medal can be awarded for a person who has distinguished themselves in organizational work, teaching or promoting crafts. The silver medal is given for local or regional activities. It usually precedes a gold medal. The recipient of the gold medal is generally required to have engaged in significant nationwide or international activities, but in special cases exceptionally important regional activities can also be awarded. The medal can also be granted to non-Finnish persons who have distinguished themselves in promoting crafts.

Taito Medal

The Taito Medal has been awarded since 1950. It was designed by architect Yrjö Laine-Juva and is presented in both silver and gold. The Taito Medal is awarded to a crafts master or entrepreneur whose work is renowned for its high quality. The recipient of the gold medal is required to have received nationwide recognition for their work and to epitomise master-level quality and skills in their products. The Taito Medal can also be granted to a person who has distinguished themselves in crafts production and marketing.


Crafts and Design Medal

The Crafts and Design Medal is the highest decoration awarded by the Finnish Crafts Organization Taito. It was first introduced by the Crafts Delegation, as the central organization was known at the time, in 1936. The medal was designed by architect Rafael Blomstedt and is gold-plated silver.

It is awarded for exceptionally significant nationwide merit. The medal can also be awarded to non-Finnish persons who have proven exceptional merit in promoting or publicising Finnish crafts and design.

Wearing the medals of honour

The Crafts and Design Medal, Medal for Merit or Taito Medal is worn during the organization or sector’s ceremonies and galas. The medal is worn on the left side of formal wear on the chest. The medals must not be used as a clasp. The organization’s medals can also be worn at events where medals of the Orders of the White Rose of Finland or of the Lion of Finland are worn, or equivalent foreign decorations. For such events, the medal is attached on the chest of the garment on the side closest to the arm on the outermost edge of a row of medals and the Medal for Merit and Taito Medal are placed underneath it. In accordance with general instructions on wearing medals, only the highest medal awarded is used.

The medals are personal, and after the recipient has passed away, their family may keep the medal and Certificate of Honour. However, only the recipient is entitled to wear the medal.

Method of application

The proposal to nominate a person for a medal can be made by an organization whose line of business involves the promotion of crafts and design. The free-form proposal shall provide the proposed recipient’s full name (first name underlined), occupation or title, date of birth, place of residence and justifications for awarding the medal to them. When proposing someone for a medal, it is a good idea to take the person’s age, their entire career and accomplishments into account. As a general practice, we require at least ten years of active work in the sector, or ten years after a previous medal has been awarded them.

Proposals shall be addressed to the Board of Directors of the Finnish Crafts Organization Taito. Except for regional crafts associations, other regional players shall attach a note of assent from their regional association for the proposed nomination to their application.

Medal prices

Silver Medal for Merit €140
Silver Taito Medal €140
Gold-plated silver Medal for Merit €170
Gold-plated silver Taito Medal €170
Gold-plated silver Crafts and Design Medal €500
Certificate of Honour €20