Crafts offer happy encounters, joy,
learning and rewarding experiences.

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A society that values its roots remains strong

Throughout the ages, crafts skills have been transferred from one experienced craftsperson to another. The living heritage of crafts reflects the knowledge and skills needed to make handicrafts from various materials in the environment, whether it is building a house, restoring old furniture or knitting woolly socks.
In 2013, Finland ratified Unesco’s Convention for the Safeguarding of
the Intangible Cultural Heritage. Such heritage includes, for example, crafts skills, oral culture, performance arts, social customs and rituals and festive traditions.


CraftCorner is a meeting place for Finnish crafts – the place to buy products
made by Finnish artisans, and to find craft-related exhibitions, events and education.
Experience Finnish style, quality and distinction at Helsinki’s premier craft venue.

magazine of Finnish crafts

Taito magazine, which has informed readers about Finnish craftsmanship for more than a hundred years, is published by the Finnish Crafts Organization Taito six times a year.
A visually captivating magazine that combines fresh information and traditions, Taito contains not just new crafts designs and instructions to make them, only available in this magazine, but also articles that inspire readers to be creative and to experiment.