We wish to highlight Bynestrøya, a 160-year-old knitted sweater from Byneset in Trondheim. This sweater has been handed down from generation to generation, and is still in good condition today — over 160 years later.

Byneset husflidslag have been fortunate enough to borrow the sweater, to examine, document and reconstruct it. They’ve counted stitches, marked increases, determined gauge, studied the yarn and colours, and traced the patterns.

In the 1860s, men usually tucked their sweaters inside the trousers. Men’s sweaters should therefore fit closely at the hips and be wider at the shoulders. The armpits were also quite tight to fit in a jacket sleeve. The sweater was perfectly shaped to the body of the person wearing it. Looking closer at the sweater one can see that stitches are increased all over the sweater’s body and sleeves to make the right shape.

Byneset Husflidlag has made a simple formula so you can adapt the sweater to fit your own body!

Read more and download the free sweater pattern: http://husflid.no/om-norges…/vart-arbeid/nordic-craft-week/

Local spinning mill Selbu spinneri has even spun a new type of yarn which corresponds with the yarn used in the original sweater: A three-ply, hard-spun yarn of Dala and crossbreed. Read more about the yarn: selbuspinneri.no/nettbutikk/garn/bynesgarn/

Published by https://husflid.no/ fro Nordic Craft Week 2022.