Crafts and design schools

At Crafts Centres, practising crafts skills begins with Taito Toddlers. Finnish Crafts Organization offers crafts courses and training for everyone interested in making things by hand, from toddlers to adults.

Crafts skills support comprehensive learning. Studies show that making things by hand relaxes you, increases your ability to concentrate and activates different parts of the brain. Many professions require manual dexterity and accuracy. At Taito Crafts and Design Schools, which provide basic education in the arts, children and young people learn the stages of various crafts from design to implementation. The starting point for the studies are the student’s personal experience, working with their hands,  making products and self-expression. The Crafts and Design Schools provide an excellent starting point for extensive crafts skills and teach students about various techniques and materials. The students will benefit from the everyday skills they learn throughout their lives.

Taito Crafts Schools all over Finland provide education in crafts in line with the Basic Education in the Arts curriculum for 4–16-year-old children and teenagers, as well as adults. These Crafts Schools teach the different stages of crafts, from design to implementation. The starting points for these studies consist of the students’ individual experiences, working with their hands, producing products and promoting their self-expression. The education develops the students’ knowledge, skills and readiness in the different sectors of crafts culture, while boosting their personalities, strengthening their aesthetic eye and encouraging creative problem solving. The studies are curriculum-based, goal-oriented and progress age-appropriately from one year to the next.

regional crafts association run
Crafts and Design Schools
in Finland.

students attend
the regional crafts associations’
Crafts and Design Schools every year.

Summer courses and after-school activities

Regional crafts associations offer children and teenagers fun-filled camps and courses during the summer holidays, as well as children’s afternoon activities after school during term time. Ask more about our activities for children and teenagers from your local Taito crafts association.

For more information about regional crafts associations and the Finnish Crafts Organization Taito, contact Minna Hyytiäinen, tel: +358 40 505 0944

How do I get into a crafts school?

The application period for crafts schools run by regional crafts associations is in May. The tuition is subject to a charge and the tuition fees vary slightly at different crafts schools depending, for example, on whether material costs have been included in the tuition fee or whether they are charged separately. It is best to ask your local crafts school directly about their charges.

From May to June, Taito crafts schools hold exhibitions of the works created over the year. If you are interested in our crafts schools, drop in and have a look at the amazing creations at an exhibition near you and ask us for more information.

Finnish Association of Basic Education in the Arts

Basic education in the arts is provided by institutions specialising in various arts and together they form the Finnish Association of Basic Education in the Arts (Taiteen perusopetusliitto TPO ry): 

The Finnish Association of Basic Education in the Arts promotes art education and collaboration between different art forms and reviews the art education system in its entirety. The association’s motto is that high-quality art education is the basic right of every child and teenager, regardless of wealth and where they live.

All the associations for basic art education are members of the Finnish Association of Basic Education in the Arts:

  • The Finnish Association of Institutes of Performing Arts (Esittävien taiteiden oppilaitosten liitto ry)
  • The Finnish Crafts Organization Taito
  • The Finnish Association of Art Schools for Children and Young People
  • The Finnish Association of Music Institutions (Suomen musiikkioppilaitosten liitto ry)
  • The Finnish Association of Literary Art Education (Suomen sanataideopetuksen seura ry)
  • The Association of Dance Institutes in Finland STOPP

The Finnish Association of Basic Education in the Arts works in collaboration with the Finnish Association of Adult Education Centres. Together, the member organizations of the Finnish Association of Basic Education in the Arts represent a total of 286 member institutions. The institutes providing basic education in the arts have approximately 121,000 children and teenagers as students.