Crafts courses and workshops

Joy of learning at courses and workshops

Finnish Crafts Organization offers the most extensive service network for crafts skills in Finland. Annually, its courses are attended by 27.000 enthusiasts.

CRAFTS CENTRES are open for all and offer rewarding experiences. The Taito network of almost a hundred branches provides excellent opportunities for learning various kinds of crafts techniques. The professional instructors, excellent working  paces and equipment and the material available on site make taking up a hobby easy and fun. Finnish Crafts Organization makes crafts hobbies available to everyone. According to the survey on crafts as a hobby in Finland, carried out by the Finnish Crafts Organization Taito, hobbyists consider learning a new skill and the inspiring feelings this produces the most important aspects of making crafts. The second most important aspect is the sense of community and making things together.

At Crafts Centres, customers have an opportunity to meet other people who share their interests. These centres help to create social networks that play a big part in people’s lives. At our Crafts Centres, you will experience the joy of making something yourself and learning something new, while having a great time. You can also buy materials for your own projects and pick up lots of wonderful ideas and tips.

The dates and times of our range of courses vary according to locality. This collection of courses is called The Joy of Creation and is available at all Taito Crafts Centres. Ask your local outlet for more information about the courses on offer. Regional crafts associations also offer vocational further training and courses tailor-made for various groups (such as immigrants, entrepreneurs, well-being at work for companies and their employees, projects to promote employment, crafts schools for children and teenagers).

Travelling services to the customers

TAITO BUS AND DESIGN BUS are low-threshold services in areas where distances are great and services have decreased. The travelling service brings crafts lessons to where the customers are in order to support their well-being in sparsely  populated areas. The Design Bus travels in Central Ostrobothnia and the Taito Bus in North Karelia.