Gjöf is a traditional Icelandic lopapeysa, designed by Védís Jónsdóttir, for the Icelandic Handicraft Association in celebration of Nordic Craft Week 2022. 

About the collaboration:

The Icelandic Handicraft Association turned to Ístex when looking for collaboration for Nordic Craft Week 2022, the theme being knitted sweaters. For the past several decades, Ístex has been the country‘s leading manufacturer of Icelandic wool yarn as well as publishing beautiful knitting patterns. The head designer at Ístex is Védís Jónsdóttir, and she designed our contribution to Nordic Craft Week: Gjöf. The name is appropriate, it‘s meaning being ‘‘gift“, and so we thank Védís and Ístex for partnering with us.

Pattern published to Nordic Craft Week 2022 by https://www.heimilisidnadur.is/ and https://istex.is/